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Language Offers

Learn Engish, German, Russian, Spanisch, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. Visit a new country, learn a new language, experience new culture & people, and make new friends.

Most of our courses take place in Hamburg but we can also arrange language courses for you abroad with one of our cooperation partners. Please contact our customer service staff if you are planning a visit to another city and need assistance with getting a language course and accommodation there. You can also choose from a list of accommodation options when booking a course taking place at the AveLang Language Center in Hamburg.

Download a brochure for detailed information. 

Contact us on for more language offers.

Intensive German Courses

In this programme, you can choose between a two-week, 4-week or an 8-week course. Courses take place either in the morning or in the evening and are offered in levels A2-C2. 

If you are a resident of Hamburg, you might be entitled to a state funding of your German language course. Please contact us for more information.


Business English

We offer intensive one-to-one and group business english courses to private as well as to corporate clients.

You can take a Business English course either in the morning, afternoon or in the evening.

The morning and afternoon courses are usually intensive. If you live and work in Hamburg, you have the possibility off getting your course financed by the state funds. Please contact us for more information.

English Literature

If you are interested in reading and discussing English language books from a variety of fiction genres or making new friends, then the AveLang Book Club is for you. At the AveLang book club, students who share a passion for literature meet once a week to read a book and to discuss it.

The goal is to finish reading one book per month.

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